The thread started with the comment: "I Saw A lot Of NY State Licenses on I-95 Today." As you might imagine, it did not take long to devolve in generalizations, judgement and  a handful of funny responses. Growing up in NY and now living in CT, I am the right person to rule on these comments and I'll take them one at a time.

CT Reddit Thread Reacts to Seeing NY License Plates in Nutmeg State

Please listen to me CT residents, hear me NY residents, you are the same people. No matter how much you want to believe one is better than the other I've lived in both and there's very little that sets you apart.

Parting shots:

  • Fairfield County rocks and anyone who does think so can pound the sand.
  • State borders are imaginary lines, zero mystical transformations occur when crossing one (unless you are crossing into Florida).
  • People keep saying this will be a unifying event, I'm not seeing it.

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