Connecticut's Department of Labor has made a discovery that may make you happy if you're one of the workers owed money.

According to US News and World Report, the department has found that nearly $5 million is owed to workers throughout the state as a result of an audit stemming from complaints by workers. Employers reportedly shorted minimum wage workers and were found to owe many a collective $2,000,000 for the last fiscal year.

Workers at construction sites holding public contracts also got shorted by about $687,000. Other monies owed were for failure to pay overtime as well as other violations.

On one hand, if I found out that I was owed money in this case, I'd be happy, but, more than a bit peeved that it happened in the first place. The Department of Labor's Division of Wage and Workplace Standards looked into over 2,300 complaints of failure to pay proper wages.

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