It's almost post apocalyptic. An entire neighborhood with dozens and dozens of modern type homes has been left completely abandoned.

The roads are well maintained, the lawns are mowed, and one can even see that the fire hydrants have been freshly painted on the tree-lined streets. Pathways and storm drains are kept meticulously clean, yet, there seems to be no one for miles in this sprawling, peaceful neighborhood.

Credit: Themightymoze via YouTube
Credit: Themightymoze via YouTube

We learn from the revealing video below that very few people actually know this place exists. It’s pretty much closed off to the public with no way to enter.

The lowdown on the neighborhood is that, as the publisher of the video says, it once served as residences for the staff of the Southbury Training School, in Southbury CT. According to Wikipedia, the school was originally built in the 1930s and expanded through the years on a 1600-acre campus. It continues to serve as a residential school for people with severe intellectual disabilities today, as it did when it opened.

In 1986, the school stopped accepting new residents and it's been downsizing ever since. At one time, it held thousands, and today, the population being cared for is about 300. The campus runs its own power, sewage treatment, water and other systems independently. The school is operated by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. Much of the staff has been let go over the years, so the neighborhood that was built for the staff is no longer needed.

The debate about closing the entire facility continues. Governor Dan Malloy has extensively researched options as reported by the Hartford Courant. In recent years, senior housing was proposed for this site according to the Southbury Patch.

This video is so spooky. I give this guy lots of credit for being super brave riding through here!

Marion Castle, Stamford, CT.


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