Today should be terrific. When it snows we absolutely have to be at the radio station. There are no snow days for us. I am fine with that, I'd rather be here than anywhere else. But now I will have to make my way home in what will be the worst part of the snow and start the all day project of cleaning the snow.

Some people say, get a snow blower. I have one. It only works though if you are a mechanical engineer or a magician. There is some really involved trick that you have to do to keep it running and I have not mastered that. Some people say hire a plow guy. Sure, pay for it and I'll make the call.

Listen, I know I sound like I am whining and that's because I am. I figure misery loves company and we have both misery and company. So pitch a fit Connecticut, today is going to suck.

BTW - I did not actually shovel our front walk, that was just a photo op, after we got the shot I put the shovel right down.


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