Malcolm Butler was benched for the Super Bowl, but no one seems to know why. When asked about it, Coach Bill Belichick insists the decision was not a disciplinary one. Butler says the team gave up on him and he could have changed the game.

The team takes this approach of secrecy that just does not work in this day and age. You take a campfire and turn into a wildfire. If Rappaport is onto something then this is not that big of deal and they should just say it.

It took the U.S. Government until 2013 to publicly admit the existence of Area 51. Yes, that it existed. We all knew but thanks for the hot news flash. This is what this reminds me of. We all know there's stuff going on with the Patriots. Trying to hide it, cover it and straight out deny it just feeds the fire.

We will climb the walls, shake the gates and get answers. If we can't get answers, we will make them up. That is the world we live in. If you want any control over the story, take it. Say what happened, how it was handled and why you did it. The story would be dead.

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