Here we go again. Over the last few weeks, we have reported that a number of local landmarks are closing, and now, it seems that another is ready to shut their doors for good.

The Hearth Restaurant on Federal Road in Brookfield will be reportedly closing for good as of this coming Sunday, February 4. We first learned of the closing over the weekend, but could not find anything to substantiate the rumor, so we reached out to Brookfield's First Selectman Stephen Dunn, who confirmed what we had already heard:

Yes, the rumors are true. An official statement will be released soon, but we are going to miss it. The Hearth has been an institution in Brookfield for many, many years.

On Sunday, the Hearth will be ending a long standing tradition of serving American fare and comfort food for many generations of local patrons. If you lived in the area, there's a good chance that you have been to the Hearth at some point in time.

Over the years, the Hearth had become a favorite eating spot for seniors, featuring their daily early bird specials. It was known for their exceptional food at reasonable prices. Basically, you never got a bad meal at the Hearth, and their portions were very generous.

Since moving to the area a little over three years ago, my Mom had become a big fan of the Hearth. We've taken her there many times, In fact, we were just there last week for dinner!

First Selectman Stephen Dunn is hoping another Restaurant just like the Hearth moves into the new revitalized downtown area:

We could use a pub or restaurant like the Hearth to become part of the new Brookfield downtown project. We have many fine restaurants in town, but the Hearth has always been one of a kind.

Again, the Hearth's last day of operation will be this Sunday, February 4, so go ahead and make it a point to stop by for one last delicious meal at a restaurant that has been a local staple for many many years. .

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