Lyme disease is very common in New York and along the east coast. Are you familiar with the conspiracy theory surrounding Plum Island? Was Lyme Disease manufactured by scientists as a biological weapon right here in New York?

According to an article from, there is a theory that the animal research center in Plum Island, New York hired several ex Nazi scientist post World War II.

Another popular theory is that scientists created the Lyme bacteria on Plum island and planned on potentially using it at some point during The Cold War. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the Lyme bacteria is a spirochete and the Japanese military did experiment with similar bacteria during the second world war. The idea of these spirochete's would be to incapacitate the population of your enemy.

This timeline also fits as the first case of Lyme disease was discovered in 1975 in Lyme Connecticut just miles away from Plum Island. Many experts deny these theories but could there be any truth to them at all? Is Lyme a natural organism or is it something far more sinister?

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