Bethel wants to help you go solar — move from the dark side and into the light.

Bethel town officials are looking to make it easier for residents to power their homes with solar energy. I have family using a solar field they installed on their land, and it's really working out well for them, so I think the chance to get more information is a good thing.

To that end, the town of Bethel is launching the Solarize Bethel program, giving residents the opportunity to learn more about solar power and of course encourage them to have devices installed at their homes.

The campaign kicks off Oct. 19, when there is a free workshop at the Bethel municipal center on 1 School Street. The session runs from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. Unlike other Connecticut towns looking to build entire solar fields, this gives residents the chance to find out about solarizing their individual home.

The info from says the Solarize Bethel deadline is March 9, 2018, so you have some time to decide, but now is the time to get informed.

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