According to the News Times, Massachusetts based company, Ameresco Inc., wants to bring solar energy to New Milford. The proposal touts 20 megawatts of power through the use of 75,000 solar panels.

Sounds like a slam dunk, but it gets a lot more complicated when you read that to do it, the company would need to wipe out about 70 acres of forest in the Candlewood Mountain Road area to pull it off.

Tuesday's public hearing was one of many steps to get the solar panels to New Milford and it drew protesters. There are also "NO" signs up and down Danbury Rd. in New Milford from residents who oppose the plan.

This is not as cut and dry as it sounds. I mean, yes, for the big picture, alternative energy is good for the Earth, but at what cost? Why is it that we can not come up with a plan to help the Earth that does not in some way hurt the Earth?

I know that I seem to be over simplifying and asking a pretty dumb question, but, really?

Where are all these scientists I keep hearing about? I've heard they are out there. Do they all work for Apple? Are they all in a lab somewhere working around the clock to crank out a new iPhone every six months?

Furthermore, this could quickly turn into a hippie Civil War. I mean, brother against brother, tree hugger versus tree hugger, using their peace pipes on each other in a not-so-peaceful way. The battlefield will be littered with hacky-sacks and wreak of patchouli.

P.S. the only funny things ever written about hippies has come from the pens of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park.

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