A disturbing video is being shared by middle school students in Newburgh. So disturbing that Newburgh police have launched an investigation.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, the content of the video shows at least one cat being tortured and it's being shared among students who attend South Middle School in Newburgh.

The video has been described as "upsetting" which is the reason why Newburgh Police have gotten involved and are launching an investigation.

The video involves animal cruelty and was being passed around by the middle school students this past Wednesday, May 15. According to Newburgh Police Det. Sgt. Joseph Rutigliano:

At this point in our investigation, we are gathering facts and hoping to interview people who have seen the video and who may know where it originated. The video is very disturbing.

Newburgh Police are asking anyone who might have information regarding this video to contact the City of Newburgh Police detectives at 845-569-7509.

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