The Montville School's superintendent, high school principal, and assistant vice-principal were arrested last week in connection with the Fight Club incident we reported on a few weeks ago.

All three Montville school administrators were charged last week by State Police for failure to report abuse after substitute teacher, Ryan Fish, was charged with being the ringleader of a fight club that took place in a Montville high school classroom.

Because the school has been reportedly under so much scrutiny, the acting assistant principal, Phil Orbe, after only days on the job, was also placed on paid administrative leave after comments made to a student unrelated to the fight club, according to fox61.com. Orbe told The Day of New London that he had spoken to a student about having a backpack in the hallway, which is not allowed. He then went on to say,

I said, 'What do I have to do? Do I have to yell and scream?' Jokingly I added, 'Do I have to throw you down the hallway?' The student while smiling said, 'I get it.' At no point did I raise my voice. At no point did I threaten him. At no point was my intent malicious.

Students who heard that conversation through an open classroom door reported it to a teacher who went to the acting school superintendent, Laurie Pallin. Under the advice of the district's attorney, Pallin had to place Orbe on administrative leave. According to the Hartford Courant, each of the administrators who were arrested was released on a written promise to appear in Superior Court in Norwich on May 3.

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