Lou and I will celebrate our 7th year on the air together as the "Ethan and Lou Show" at the end of this upcoming August.  No previous morning show, throughout the history of I-95, has been able to survive for 7 years.


There are specific reasons that have led to the show's longevity......1. We work cheap!....2. Morning Show trips with amazing listeners!

We Love The Ladies!

...3. Hot women who invite us on their party barge for cocktails!....4. We're the only two who can stand each other for 4 hours every day...5. Pam Brooks adding a woman's viewpoint plus she smells sweet!..

Pam Jam


6. Have I mentioned morning show trips to the Caribbean? And finally.....7. The mutual respect we have for one another. Look for upcoming posts titled, "Ethan and Lou Shorties" coming soon to www.i95rock.com and our Facebook page!