After Mary Scanlon moved onto her next radio gig, the hunt began, yet again, for my next morning show partner.

kamp omelette

We were searching for an individual who was "a bit nuts" and who loved hangin' out with the I-95 listener. He came to us from a rock station in Miami, Florida where he played "the stunt boy." That's right, he was the guy who stood out in the middle of a super highway dressed up in a diaper and pumpkin head! "Omelette"(Yeah Man!) was my morning show partner from '01 till '05. Omelette(Steve Normandin) was known as quite the partier and brought his "Kamp Omelette" concept to Connecticut. He loved "bringing it to the people!" The one and only KO I attended, I remember driving into the site and immediately being approached by a guy with blue hair who ended up spraying "Cheese Whiz" down my throat! Adult beverages and cheese whiz.....that's a weekend right there!!


Omelette's signature stunt, during his tenure at I-95, which is still talked about today, was concocting a somewhat believable scenario that Candlewood Lake was going to be drained and replaced by the 19 mile long, "Candlewood Lake Mall." Oh boy!! Lots of fallout from angry listeners who lived and worked on or near the lake, and for that, we apologized profusely. Currently you can find the O-Man at WKLT..The Rock Station for the last 7 years in the resort town of Traverse City, Michigan.