In the very early days of I-95, the station broadcast from a building referred to on-air as "The Stonehouse."  It conjured up all kinds of images of either a palace, or a house full of stoners depending on your perspective (hey, this was the 1970's!) 

Now it can be revealed! The Stonehouse was kind of a dump, as evidenced by this rare peek behind the curtain.  We especially love the random phone hanging down from the ceiling in this shot.  Either way, some great radio came out of this room, and paved the way for our move into the station's current palatial digs in the early 1980's.  The Stonehouse still exists and is a real estate office now.  Pictured here is Hal Thompson, who did the overnights after Pam left us for Poughkeepsie the first time.  (Tattoo on Hal's arm doodled on the picture by some anonymous DJ over the years.)