Joe Theismann Hates Roughing the Passer Rule
NFL fans know Joe Theismann as a great NFL quarterback, an NFL commentator and now an outspoken critic of one of the NFL's dumbest rules. The roughing the passer rules have stirred up controversy over the first 3 weeks of football this season and the former Washington Redskins QB is no fan of t…
Foliage Season Set to Peak First Two Weeks of October
Little known fact: I love some vibrant foliage. Call it a weakness if you want but the change from Summer to Fall makes me emote like you read about. This season, they say has the potential to be pretty good in terms of bright colors in the trees.
Feast Your Eyes on 'The Joker'
Joaquin is one of those guys who can flat out act, he also seems a little unhinged as a person so the "Joker" should be a slam dunk for him. On top of that Martin Scorsese producing, Todd Phillips directing add a little Robert Duvall in the mix and we have top level people all around here.…

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