After Pat Scully departed for bigger and better things in '97, "we" made the decision to move in a different direction by adding a female to the morning show.After interviewing many candidates, one stood out above all the rest.....our traffic reporter at the time, Mary Scanlon. She was intelligent, sassy, and attractive. So


what's not to like. Women loved her because of her quick wit and strong "don't mess with me" personality and the guys were also on board because she was a hot rock chick!

I do have many fond memories of working with Mary, and not just because she has naked pictures of me, or claims to anyway. Some of those memories are better just kept under wraps. Ask her about our morning show trip to "The Rock N' Roll Hall of


Fame" in Cleveland although she may not remember. My favorite "Mary moment" was our trip to the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in South Africa. After she honed her craft at I-95, Mary moved to KC-101 to do mornings with Vinnie Penn and then a short stint at WCCC. These days you can find Mary on the morning show at WRCH in Hartford.

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