At this point in my 35 year radio career with I-95 , I've lost count of the number of morning show partners who have come and gone. But in all honesty, my favorite co-host of them all is my current show partner, Lou Milano.

For the last 6 years, Lou and I have been trying our best to entertain the thousands of I-95 morning show listeners. Factoring in vacations and holidays, we've spent approximately 1,410 mornings together. Multiply that by 4 hours each morning and it works out to be 5,640 hours of comaraderie, brainstorming, laughing and crying, and occasionally.... yelling. There are some mornings where we can't stand the sight of each other and there are some mornings where we're laughing till we cry.

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We've been asked, "What's it like doing morning show radio together?" I describe it as two guys who are college dorm room mates. Even though their lifestyles are very different, they have a mutual respect for one another. This is the dorm room on the floor where everyone tends to congregate because it's comfortable, sometimes weird, they're always jammin' great tunes, and they're just fun to be around. Add the characters who stop by, and you've got a radio show!

I often tell listeners that I really don't "work" for a living, which is not 100% true. Between planning our show segments, discussing where the beginning, middle, and end of each segment will be, dealing with each other's moods, personality quirks, and egos, by 10am we are all pretty much wiped out! With Pam Brooks taking care of our news updates and lending a female perspective to the mix, it helps us avoid turning the entire show into a "sausage party!"We hope that somewhere along the way we've succeeded in putting a smile on your face on your way to work.