The Classic Rock/Magnum, P.I. Connection
Call me Senich, P.I. My mission is to find the classic rock connection wherever and whenever I can. With the recent news of a reboot coming this fall I've gone back on a Magnum, P.I. binge and it's led me to some very interesting findings. Although I can't tell you who the real Robin …
The New York Yankees Have 50 Wins, I Could Manage This Team
The Yankees finished off a three game sweep of the Mariners yesterday with a 4-3 win. That makes 50 wins on the year. They lead the AL East by two games, they are 28 games over .500.
If you had told me the team would be THIS good at the beginning of the season I would  have laughed in your face.…
NASA Has a Plan to Protect Us From Asteroids
Near Earth Objects or NEO's as they are called are absolutely a threat to Earth. An asteroid could at some point collide with Earth. Scientists seem to agree it will happen but predicting when is another story. NASA says it is stepping up it's efforts to do just that.

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