Station History

Throwback Thursday- The Stonehouse
In the very early days of I-95, the station broadcast from a building referred to on-air as "The Stonehouse."  It conjured up all kinds of images of either a palace, or a house full of stoners depending on your perspective (hey, this was the 1970's!)
Some Reasons Ethan and Lou Are Still Around
Lou and I will celebrate our 7th year on the air together as the "Ethan and Lou Show" at the end of this upcoming August.  No previous morning show, throughout the history of I-95, has been able to survive for 7 years.
I-95 Morning Show History..Vol 8
At this point in my 35 year radio career with I-95 , I've lost count of the number of morning show partners who have come and gone. But in all honesty, my favorite co-host of them all is my current show partner, Lou Milano.
I-95 History Lesson….Volume 4
From '86 through '89, Dale "The Voiceman" Reeves, a master when it came to mixing character voices and comedy, owned the morning show audience. Dale is currently a much sought after voice over talent and can be reached at
35 Years At I-95…Volume 2
It's very rare that a radio station has been able to sustain just one format over a 37 year history. Since December 24th, 1976, I-95 has been delivering Rock N' Roll!!

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