According to MLB Network reports, Giancarlo Stanton has passed his physical and will be introduced as the newest Yankee at a 2pm press conference today. The Yankees added a guy that hit 59 home runs last season and gave up not much to get him. This is a no brainer. The move is also going to alter perceptions.

What does it change?

The Yankees are the Evil Empire again. They add an A1 level free agent in the off season. They bought a guy, they buy championships, blah, blah, blah. I could feel the hate from Red Sox and Mets fans this past season. It was, I think particularly hard for them because many of the talented players the Bombers put on the field were both home grown and likable. This put those fans in an awkward position. Their hate was hard for them to manage because it did not give them a lot of rational ammunition. The Stanton signing gives them their ammo back.

This also makes my relationship with Brian Cashman very complicated. I was, for the first time in a long time NOT HAPPY with Cashman. The Girardi firing to me was and is a problem. I'll have to let that go eventually but for now I'm still salty. Now I find myself still a little angry with Cashman and a little delighted.

The Yankees have to win, they have to win soon, they have to win often. Fans and detractors alike were going to go into this season with ridiculous expectations for the Yankees. This move intensifies and cements those expectations. If they spit the bit this year, there is going to be hell to pay.

I am excited for sure. I hope the Red Sox can keep pace in the off season. I want the Red Sox to be real good. I want them to find their way to the ALCS to meet the Yankees and lose. There would be nothing more satisfying. Bring it.

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