NorthEast Wrestling's Brian "The King" Anthony and I have been at odds for over a year. We have been exchanging insults on both Facebook and Instagram and enough is enough it was time to talk about the real possibility of settling this dispute in the ring. He called into the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan & Lou this morning (6/22/20).

This is what has been going on lately that led to this boiling point.

After all that people started picking sides and most went with "The King" Brian because I am often underestimated. These people need to think it through and estimate me.

Steven is the male "Karen" by the way.

These name attacks started infighting in the thread. Not only were people picking sides but trying to get in on the action. Sean wants to be Brian's manager and Johnny Love wants to be mine.

Just when I thought the "King's" disrespectful jabs were done, he interrupted my anniversary date with my wife to drop this insult.

How dare you sir? I was on a date with my WIFE! I am going to kick this guy in his kidneys again and again and again. By the time I am done with him he'll be out of wrestling. Northeast Wrestling will be too embarrassed to ever book him again for a fight, his family and friends will not return his calls.

You are through here pal, consider yourself on notice and anyone who sides with you is now my enemy for life. Choose sides carefully, I'm coming and hell's coming with me, ya hear? Hell's coming with me!

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