Wrestler Brian Anthony was one of the first guests to appear on the Ethan & Lou Show almost 15 years ago. We've tracked Brian's career and considered him a friend of the show for many years. Brian would come on almost every year to promote his biggest matches.


The relationship changed after a visit (pictured above) to promote a match against actor/wrestler David Arquette. Brian turned his attention to me in the studio a few times attempting to insult me, it did not work because his tiny brain is not capable of crafting a witty joke.

Since then "King Brian" and I have traded blows "on the line" AKA Instagram like a couple of tough guys. Recently the beef found new life. After seeing one of his Instagram posts I could help but take a shot. One of his sayings about himself is "Army of one." I hit him with army of none, gimme the belt and things have gotten carried away since.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

None of this had to happen, it didn't have to come to this. All Brian had to do was show up at the studio dressed like a Teletubby on Spring Break, promote the match and leave. Instead, he tried to trade verbal and text jabs with the "Mouth of the North" and here we are.

I'm not going to let a dude that looks like Kenny Powers on steroids take shots at me or Lionel Richie. It's time to stand up for the regular ass folk, the dads and moms who've been shouted at by wrestlers at wrestling matches, gas stations and Planet Fitness. It's time to stand up for myself, for Lionel Richie and even Nicole Richie.

Brian, if you are King than I'm POTUS b----!  That's how we do it here in America and before it''s all said and done you'll be humming "Hail to the Chief" through the hole in your face where your teeth used to be. .

#armyofnone #gimmethebelt

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