Wrestler Brian Anthony was one of the first guests to appear on the Ethan & Lou Show almost 15 years ago. We've tracked Brian's career and considered him a friend of the show for many years. Brian would come on almost every year to promote his biggest matches.

The above photo was taken a little over a year ago and is when things changed in the relationship. Brian was smack talking me all morning instead of focusing on David Arquette and our feud has intensified recently. This is my most recent message to him.

WARNING: This clip contains the "F" word almost immediately. If you don't like that or people talking about kicking people or sticking someone's face in a blender, don't watch it. 

He responded almost immediately because his life is empty and he's obsessed with me.

Brian Anthony Instagram

That is a fact and I explained why when I responded almost immediately cause I don't take nonsense like this laying down.

Lou's Instagram

This is just what has gone on in the last 24 hours, these were the recent exchanges prior to that.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone
Lou's phone

This is where we are, amputated feet, heads in blenders Lionel Richie, the Ultimate Warrior and COVID juices. I'm right where I belong on a collision course with dwarf hopped up on steroids, dressed like it's Halloween everyday.

Brian "The King" Anthony, you have two choices, gimme the belt or I'm going to take it. The truth is, I don't even know if you are the champ anymore, nor do I care. If you are not, win the belt back or steal it, but you will give it to me on bended knee.

Your move King. #armyofnone #gimmethebelt

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