Sit down, class, here come the "whys" and "when" for Danbury High School's new graduation requirements.

According to an article in the NewTimes, if your son or daughter will be graduating from DHS in 2018 or 2019, there's no need to panic. Because of the state's new rules, all graduating seniors will need 25 credits to graduate instead of the current 21. The new graduation requirements will not put into effect until 2023.

As it turns out, 50% of Danbury High students already graduate with 25 credits or more. According to Principal Dan Donovan, the new regulations will present new challenges as in the hiring of seven new staff members.

Another change being discussed is adding a required finance course. If you ask me, that's a no-brainer because it's an everyday part of being an adult when teenagers join the workforce. Implementing the proposed changes is going to be a huge challenge, according to Danbury School's Superintendent Sal Pascarella.

What do you think? Should the increased amount of credits be required for Danbury students to graduate?

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