Mark Boughton joins the Ethan and Lou show each and every Thursday right around 9:15am. This week, we got right to what was a big local story from last week. Mark collapsed at a GOP event and had a seizure. We spoke to him about his health this morning and also touched on a few political things. Here's the full segment:

Good to hear that he is doing well and is all clear to work again. Dehydration causes some scary things to happen to your body. My wife had a "thing", as I like to call medical issues, late last year. She was severely dehydrated and needed to be hospitalized. She was having all sorts of ugly spasms and experiencing sharp pain. After getting hooked up to an IV for a few hours, she was right as rain.

You gotta hydrate, people. I drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day —not braggin'. For me, that is 100 ounces of water. After the first 45 or so ounces, the very sight of a glass of water makes you angry. But they say it's good for you.

DISCLAIMER -  My mentioning that I drink an absurd amount of water each day is not an endorsement for you to do so. Do what you need to do, and leave me out of it. Consult a physician, blah, blah, blah. 

Tom Brady drinks a butt load of water too 'cause he wants to be me.

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