Great leftovers from your favorite restaurant are the next best thing to making out while watching Basic Instinct on Netflix.

Yes, I absolutely love leftovers. My wife, not so much. There's just something about knowing there's a delectable morsel of food waiting for you that you brought home from one of your favorite restaurants the night before.

If you're as much of a leftovers fan as I am, I'm going to do you a favor and select some of my most favorite restaurant leftovers and which eatery they came from.

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    Stanziatos Wood Fired Pizza - 35 Lake Ave. Ext. Danbury

    I've noticed that most people either love or hate leftover pizza. I can easily down a slice when I first wake up and wander into the kitchen. Stanziato's Vodka Pizza is the absolute best pizza for leftovers.

    This wood-fired piece of art is made with Stanziato's homemade vodka sauce, fresh slices of mozzarella, and grated cheese. OMG, make it a point to take at least one slice home, two if possible. Heat it up if you choose, but I prefer my leftover breakfast slice cold.

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    Jeffrey's Chinese Kitchen - Rt. 37 Danbury

    What we are not short on in greater Danbury are take-out Chinese restaurants, BUT finding one that outshines all the rest is the challenge. Mindy and I have tried many, but we always keep going back to Jeffrey's Chinese Kitchen on Rt. 37 as you're heading towards New Fairfield.

    We usually always order the same thing, a large order of Sesame Chicken and a small order of the House Special Low Mein. The large chunks of chicken blended with their sesame sauce melt in your mouth, and are perfect for lunch the next day.

    Does anyone remember a Chinese restaurant named Hunan Wok, which was located in the North Street Shopping Plaza in Danbury back in the 80s? That place was the absolute king of Chinese!

  • Olga Nayashkova
    Olga Nayashkova

    Augies Numero #1 Pizza & Restaurant - Germantown Rd. Danbury

    ANYTHING from Augies makes for amazing leftovers! One entree at Augie's can easily feed two hungry people so in most cases there will be leftovers.

    Last week, Mindy brought home some baked ziti and eggplant parm from Augies, and I thought I'd hit the jackpot for lunch the next day. The ziti is always cooked perfectly and their sauce, OMG their sauce! The eggplant was also succulent. The Spinach and Sausage Cannelloni is to die for.

    Just a heads-up, on Friday and Saturday evenings, Augies is jam-packed.

  • Getty Images for the New York Cu
    Getty Images for the New York Cu

    The Atlantic Restaurant - 176 Osbourne St. Danbury

    The Atlantic specializes in Mediterranean food from Portugal. Danbury has a large Portuguese population, which means this eatery is always packed. My favorite dish is the Atlantic's Picadinho, which is cubed pork and fried round potatoes. And like Augies', the portions are gigantic. Another dish called, Arroz de Marisco, which is seafood rice makes for mouthwatering leftovers. If you love seafood, The Atlantic is a must for a night out.

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    The Cue - 2 Pembroke Rd. Danbury

    Since The Cue opened in Sept. of 2016, it's been the place to go for some of the best barbecue in the state of Connecticut. You can never go wrong ordering up a rack-of-ribs at The Cue, but my go-to dinner favorites are the Korean BBQ Sirloin Tips and the Beef Short Ribs. I've gotten yelled at by my wife for sneaking into the refrigerator and sampling The Cue leftovers from the night before. She's just annoyed there won't be any BBQ'd sirloin tips left for her.

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