According to the NY Post Friday's Mets loss to the Phillies was followed by the organizations GM throwing chairs in a "heated" team meeting. Team sources say Brodie Van Wagenen ripped into the coaching staff Friday night, threw a chair and told Manager Mickey Callaway go conduct his “f–king press conference.”

The reported outburst came after Mets closer Edwin Diaz gave up four runs in the ninth inning, wasted a good start by Jacob DeGrom and led to a 7-2 loss. When news of the alleged outburst reached the press, Mets management circled the wagons and stayed tight lipped. Van Wagenen responded to questions about it by saying:

“We as a staff often meet with coaches and players throughout the course of the season, I am not going to give the specifics to any of those meetings.”

Callaway told reporters:

“I think when we have private meetings, we’ll keep all that content in the room, for good reason.”

I wonder if Van Wagenen should be yelling at others for the dreadful performance of Edwin Diaz of all people? Edwin Diaz was brought here by Van Wagenen and was his star, off-season signing. Edwin Diaz is the reason Van Wagenen was able to sell the fans on bringing a 36 year old Robinson Cano here. Cano was only brought in to make the Diaz acquisition possible. Neither has been good, Diaz has been a disaster recently and prior to that was seriously under-performing compared to last year. Cano has either been injured or an easy out all year.

If Brodie wants to yell, he should do it in a mirror. This experiment is not working with him as GM. It's not Mickey Callaway's fault the Mets are not playing well. Manager's in baseball no longer have the ability to impact the win/loss columns the way they once did. Callaway's not great but it really does not matter. The blame lies with the player performance and the personnel department. Brodie is the personnel department head and if he wants to throw chairs throw he should swing UP, straight into his face.

Sing it with me!!!!!!!!!! "Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, step right up and throw a chair. Bring the kiddies, bring the wife, guaranteed to waste a day of your life."

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