And the Purple Rain keeps pouring down...

The tributes to the music of Prince since his passing have stretched far and wide over the last week and a half. Artists from all decades and genres have posted their thoughts on social media while others have had the opportunity to express their gratitude the way Prince would have likely preferred it most - through music.

Below are a handful of heartfelt eulogies to Prince from legendary classic rock artists that have made their way onto YouTube. Hear all five and tell us which one you think is the best.

JIMMY BUFFETT - "PURPLE RAIN" (4/23/16 Charlotte, NC)

Jimmy Buffett fans must have been pretty surprised to hear him break out Prince's "Purple Rain". That's probably why the fan who filmed this video didn't have his phone camera rolling from the beginning. Thankfully he captured enough for us to get the vibe of the moment.

CHRIS CORNELL - "NOTHING COMPARES 2 U" (4/21/16 Barcelona, Spain)

What's chilling about this version of Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell is that he had performed it live for the first time just a couple of months before Prince's death. Cornell has one of the greatest voices in rock and he proves it on this Prince classic.


While other artists did full versions of Prince songs David Gilmour went with a more subtle approach by including it in a Pink Floyd song. Here he seamlessly weaves "Purple Rain" into "Comfortably Numb" with heart-stopping results.


Pearl Jam went with the same approach as David Gilmour by including "Purple Rain" into one of their own songs. Here the band inserts the riff into the Pearl Jam classic "Yellow Ledbetter". The goose-bump moment here is when the audience picks up on the Prince riff and begins to clap in unison.


Nineteen Eighty Four was one hell of a year for both Bruce Springsteen and Prince. The two found themselves all over the radio and t.v. that year, Bruce with his 'Born In The USA' album and Prince with 'Purple Rain'. It makes Bruce's tribute that much more powerful knowing that only one of these two mega artists continue on. This is a spine-tingling tribute from Bruce and The E Street Band.

Now that you've heard the tributes tell us which one you liked best:

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