This hit Youtube weeks ago, we played the audio on the Ethan and Lou show and moved on. We should have spent more time on this. Personally, I have watched this video at least 40 times. A para-glider in Australia lands where a kangaroo does not want him.

Australian's are a zany bunch. This guys first reaction to a kangaroo charge is to give the animal a nickname and ask him how he's doing? CLASSIC! It's possible that this is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Where does one go from here? If I'm certain I have had the best laugh I am ever going to have, how do I enjoy the remainder of my life? We can all anticipate the split second before we know something funny will be said or done.

We know something is about to hit, we just don't know what. Now for the rest of my life, in that split second I will recognize that it won't be better than "what's up Skip?" We shouldn't know some things. Knowing my best laugh is behind me is sad.

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