The movie that spent many long days and nights filming in and around the Hudson Valley in places like Dover Plains, Pawling, and Beacon was super successful at the box office.

A Quiet Place is the "second biggest domestic debut of 2018" according to Variety. The film, directed by John Krasinski who acts in the film with his wife Emily Blunt, surprised many in the industry with it’s level of its success.

So it stands to reason that there would be a sequel, and come to find out, we got official word from Paramount Pictures there will indeed be a sequel to A Quiet Place.

The movie is about a family living in fear of monsters who are triggered by the slightest of sounds. It was made on just a $17 million budget. The way they ended the movie they left it wide open for a sequel. The Huffington Post says there’s no word on if John Krasinski will direct again which leads us to ask the question will the filming locations will be the same? Since the director often makes the final call on where to shoot, our question will go unanswered until we find out who is directing the sequel.

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