One of Watertown's Hawk Ridge Winery's wines was just chosen as the 'Best in Show' winner in a major competition. The results in the 2019 MWG Wine Competition were just released, and Hawk Ridge's Cabernet Sauvignon was chosen as the 2019 Best in Show - Commercial winner. Musto Wine Grape is the oldest wine, grape, and juice distributor in New England, and thousands of bottles were entered into the competition.

If you've never been to Hawk Ridge Winery, be prepared to be wowed, it's world-class, and the building and grounds are absolutely gorgeous. Hawk Ridge serves up a rotation of 8 Reds, 9 Whites, 2 Rose', and 1 Port, plus frozen slushy wines and freeze pops.  They've also just forged a business relationship with Woodbury Brewing, and their food menu features collaborations with the incredible Arethusa Farm.

Hawk Ridge Winery is co-owned by the Gianetto and McHugh families. Full disclosure: I've known Dr. McHugh for over 20 years. He was my mom and dad's podiatrist, and then I started seeing him professionally also. Dr. McHugh also built Watertown's beautiful new Echo Lake Commons, where his practice is now located, at the same time that Hawk Ridge was going up. I really respect Jack, he's given back so much to the community. Let me tell you, McHugh and Associates is one of the happiest medical offices that I've ever been in, from the receptionists to the doctors. Dr. McHugh himself, and my current Doctor that I'm seeing at the practice, Dr. Ferrante, are both great guys, and excellent doctors. Congratulations Hawk Ridge Winery.

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