This video was posted to Youtube on July 18, 2020 by a BMX rider in Danbury. The Youtube channel is called DEADDOLL666 (we will come back to that). The two riders cover some intense ground during the ride and you feel like you are on the bike, take a look.

I don't recognize the area the two riders are in, but that's probably because I don't ride bikes in the woods. I'm not judging, this is kick ass and I've always wished I could ride bikes this way, skateboard or surf. Those dudes are never out of shape, ever. Have you seen Tony Hawk lately? He's like 743 years old and looks like a 17 year old kid.

Red Carpet - 2020 Laureus World Sports Awards - Berlin
Getty Images for Laureus

Look at him, he knows it. He was born in the 1431 and is standing on a 2020 red carpet saying, "b----, you know what it is!" He also looks like Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Tim Burtons A Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Stills
Getty Images

Now young man (DEADDOLL666), I am not going to tell you to find Jesus (although I want to) but let's work on the Youtube username. You've got a world of talent, think of all the things you could do, if you could come up with a name that people don't second guess promoting.

I will promote your Youtube in spite of your horrific screen name. Deaddoll666 has a ton of exciting first person Danbury bike rides you can check out. Inevitably, you will think you can do this, buy a bike, find the trail and split your collar bone in three places. Happy hunting.

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