The COVID-19 numbers have been looking great in Danbury over the last few weeks, but recently, four local restaurant/bars were cited by the city for coronavirus violations.

The local COVID-19 numbers continue to be some of the best of any city in the state of Connecticut, and according to Mayor Mark Boughton, "Danbury is taking all the proactive steps to make sure the city stays safe."

One of these steps is issuing violations and even making arrests when business owners are not following the COVID-19 safety protocol. Four Danbury establishments were recently cited, and five arrests were made during the busy Fourth of July weekend at four bars and restaurants in and around Main Street: La Canchita Restaurant and Bar, Red House Bar and Cafe, Fajitas and Margaritas, and La Costenita Bar and Restaurant.

Those four local spots have been accused of overcrowding, having servers who were not wearing masks, having tables situated that were not six feet apart, and allowing large groups to dance altogether.

We reached out to Mayor Mark Boughton who explained the city's protocol before making the arrests.

"We do spot checks, we make multiple visits to various restaurants, organizations, and businesses that are required to follow guidance, and if they don't, we issue a warning," said Mayor Mark. "But at some point, if they just refuse to comply, then we have to escalate the enforcement, and in these cases, we had to make some arrests, and we'll continue to do that."

We have reached out to all four aforementioned establishments, some declined to comment,  and we'll keep you updated should we receive official word from the others.

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