I hate getting that official piece of mail from your bank, the ones informing you that your debit card may have been compromised, and a new card is on the way in the mail, and you should watch your credit report because your account may have been hacked. That's what's happening right now, my fellow Town Plot residents of Waterbury.

The Key Foods Marketplace (I still call it Town Plot IGA, I admit it) at 286 Fairfield Avenue in Waterbury has been identified by Key Foods Corporate in an online statement as being the victim of card skimming malware at the store. The timeline given as the possible window of this data breach is May 14, 2019 until January 24, 2020.

According to chron.comhackers installed point of sale card readers at some checkout lanes at two Gala Food locations in Bridgeport, and somehow that breach extended it's way to the Waterbury Key Foods

Key Foods states that if you used a card with an EMV-enabled chip, the hackers could have picked up your card number and expiration date. If you swiped through magnetic readers at payment, the breach could have included cardholder names and internal verification codes also.

So what should you do if you paid with your credit/debit card at Key Foods in Waterbury between May 2019 and January 2020? First, closely monitor your banking balances and card statements for any unusual activity, and report anything suspicious immediately to your card issuer or banking institution. Key Foods has set up a toll free hotline for any questions you may have, at 855-907-2134. Key Foods also suggests monitoring your credit report, and putting a fraud alert, credit or security freeze on your credit line. Also, you can contact the CT Attorney Generals Office at 1-860-808-5318.

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