Today is National Junk Food Day and in it's honor, Zippia did some extensive nationwide research to determine each state's favorite junk food. Using information available on Google Trends and eliminating gum, sodas and obscure vending machine items, they determined that Connecticut is a cookie state with a particular love for Oreo's. Here is their full list:

  • Alabama - Ruffles
  • Alaska - Granola bars
    Arizona - Cheez-Its
    Arkansas - Doritos
    California - Cheetos
    Colorado Cosmic - Brownies
    Connecticut - Oreos
    Delaware - Fritos
    Florida - Mini Doughnuts
    Georgia - Lays chips
    Hawaii - Oreo
    Idaho - Cliff Bars
    Illinois - Skinny Pop
    Indiana - Pringles
    Iowa - Pringles
    Kansas - Nutter Butter
    Kentucky - Fritos
    Louisiana - PayDay
    Maine - Ritz Crackers
    Maryland - Oreos
    Massachusetts - Crunch Bar
    Michigan - Sour Patch Kids
    Minnesota - Snickers
    Mississippi - Twinkie
    Missouri - Grandma’s Cookies
    Montana - Rice Krispy Treats
    Nebraska - Fritos
    Nevada - Kit Kat
    New Hampshire - Almond Joy
    New Jersey - Oreo
    New Mexico - Beef Jerky
    New York - Chips Ahoy
    North Carolina - Starburst
    North Dakota - Sunflower seeds
    Ohio - Starburst
    Oklahoma - Sour Patch Kids
    Oregon - Kettle chips
    Pennsylvania - Hershey’s
    Rhode Island - Ritz Crackers
    South Carolina - Salt And Vinegar Chips
    South Dakota - Milky Way
    Tennessee - Baby Ruth
    Texas - Funyuns
    Utah - 3 Musketeers
    Vermont - Muffins
    Virginia - Oreos
    Washington - Cheez-Its
    West Virginia - Lays
    Wisconsin - Twix
    Wyoming - Sunflower seeds

It doesn't surprise me that Florida would pick Mini Doughnuts. That is just plain crazy, you are already ruining your diet for the day, just get one full doughnut. You buy those mini doughnuts thinking I'll just have one and forty doughnuts later you are asleep at your desk and covered head to toe in white powder like a full on junkie. Typical Florida, Florida you say?

While I have you, buy our "Florida you say?" T-shirt here. 

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I-95 Merch Store

Happy National Junk Food Day, eat yourself into a mini coma, I know I will.

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