Usually we're telling you about stores that are closing in the local area, especially during the pandemic, but in Ridgefield, a new store is actually opening. The town is getting a new HomeGoods store.

In these very uncertain economic times, we're hearing everyday about stores that are either shutting down, or declaring bankruptcy, but not today, and not in Ridgefield.

According to, HomeGoods, which features furniture and housewares is working with the owners of the Copps Hill Plaza to open up a new store.

The new store would be located in a section of the space now occupied by Kohl's, who will be cutting back the size of their store, but will remain one of the staples in the plaza.

Dino DeLaurentis, the project manager for Regency Centers, who owns Copps Hill Plaza, had this to say about the new addition to the plaza:

HomeGoods is a great brand, it’s a good tenant mix, but I think the brand itself, it’s just so successful, it’s so popular, it’s huge for the community. Kohl’s is downsizing, they have a really big box, right now, Kohls is roughly 102,000 square feet, which is quite large for a Kohl’s. After they’ve downsized 20-25,000 square feet, they’ll still be in the 75-78,000 square foot range. They’re still a plus for the community, Kohl’s gets right-sized, and they have HomeGoods coming in.

The new HomeGoods is not the only change coming to the Copps Hill Plaza. Look for a new entrance to accommodate the new HomeGoods store, and a new storefront, plus, a new HomeGoods sign after the Kohl's sign is moved to reflect the new store arrangement in the plaza.

HomeGoods, which operates 814 locations nationwide including Connecticut stores in Danbury, Norwalk, and Westport is based in Framingham, Massacusettes. The owners of Copps Hill Plaza also owns 410 shopping centers throughout the U.S.

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