Crown Pizza in Waterford may well end up in the Guinness Book of World Records, as they joined forces with the WNBA team, the Connecticut Sun, to create a pizza that would be topped with more cheeses than the Guinness World Record holder with 102 toppings. UPI reports that the most recent record was set by an Oregon pizza maker.

Players from the Connecticut Sun helped to "crown" the hopeful new record holding pizza with the 112 different cheeses. The chef at Crown Pizzeria, Boston Post Road in Waterford, knows it won’t taste good, because among the 112 cheeses used are goat, blue and some other funky, seriously smelly weird cheeses. The Waterford chef said he wasn’t able to actually eat it when he tried to. When interviewed he said:

"I tried it, it wouldn't go down.

The evidence of the attempt to break the world record in the form of pictures, video and summary statements about the creation was sent in to the Guinness Book people  for approval. Hopefully we'll have a new wold record holder here in these parts soon!

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