Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua home was on fire this afternoon, and firefighters are still working, sifting through what’s left of the debris. The Chappaqua fire and police department have been on the scene according to TMZ.

At press time it was unclear exactly which structure on the Clinton compound was ablaze. Early reports say it seemed to be on the second level of what could have been the main house, a guest house or part of the garage. It's mostly extinguished, but for safety, the entire estate is being checked for anything in addition that may be dangerous.

Back in 2016, the family purchased the nearby homes to expand the homestead, and it grew significantly in size. You can see from an older video taken with Oprah Winfrey how the Clinton family has made this old farmhouse and farm land their home. It's also unclear exactly who was within the home, and on the property at the time the fire broke out.

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