Adding insult to injury, on top of the long, bitter cold snap, a huge swath of the country got walloped with the first snowstorm of 2018.

Snowstorm Grayson has come and gone. How did Connecticut fare? While some school districts remain closed today to allow for clean up, most of the state is back up and running.

My commute to i95 is about an hour and I was pleasantly surprised this morning by the amazing job the DOT did in cleaning up I84. Many residents heeded the warning to stay off the roads during snowstorm Grayson on Thursday. I certainly stayed home, because even though 84 was in great shape today, it's still a s--t show during the commute and a snow storm only makes the drive more cursing conducive!

Before we get to the photos that YOU sent us (Gallery Below), here's a shot of how much snow the wind caused to drift up against my bedroom:


Parts of Connecticut received over a foot of snow from yesterday's nor'easter and the bitter cold has returned. Matter of fact, the National Weather Service forecast is for hazardous weather conditions with brutally cold temperatures for the next few days and a possible snow and sleet event in the works for Monday. Balls, I say. Enough already.

So how much snow did we get around the state?

The National Weather Service has posted the following information for Fairfield County as well as totals for other Connecticut counties as well as other parts of New England.  

We saw a range that went from over 16 inches to as low as 6 inches for places that reported in. Here's some of them:

Staffordville - 16.6
Terryville - 16
Naugatuck - 15.5
Bethany - 13.5
Branford - 13.5
Granby - 13.5
Newtown - 12.6
Bethel - 11
New Fairfield - 9.5
Brookfield - 7.9
Marlborough - 6

Finally, we asked you, our amazing listeners, to send us your snow photos through our mobile app. Click through this gallery for a snapshot of what Grayson brought to "sunny" CT:

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