That's my son Christopher on the left in the picture above, and if you are wondering how this turned out, here you go:

Lou's phone

I never get a timely picture, so for me to capture two was a miracle. Chris scored on a passed ball late in the game to bring his team within a run of the other team. Louis, my oldest, also contributed with a single early in the game, he also drew a walk and stole some bases. They did end up winning, and the kids went crazy. You would have thought they won the World Series.

Lou's phone

Yes, they are on the Red Sox, and that was just out of my hands. It hurts me to see them in Red Sox uniforms, but what are you going to do? I know this is typical "dad behavior", bragging about my kids, but it so fun to see them out there playing baseball. I'm a proud dad.

The best part of the whole weekend was our discussion in the car after the game. Christopher admitted to me that he really doesn't know what to do on the base pads. I told him most major league ball players don't know what to do on the base pads and not to worry. You just listen to your first and third base coaches, and run as fast as you can.

To say that there is something special about the game of baseball between kids and their dads is an understatement. There's just this thing about passing this particular game off to your kids that makes you happy. It's why we cry when we see this:

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