If you're a regular listener of the i95 morning show, you can probably guess that working with Lou Milano is very entertaining. Lou has a brilliant mind that goes 400 mph. He's the type of person that if given a task, he barrels head first into it, and gets it done in a matter of seconds.

On the converse, when things don't work out the way that Lou thinks that they should, he has no patience for whatever it is. Case in point, this happened at the radio station this morning:

I can just picture Lou this morning, shoving his sweaty, crumpled dollar into that poor soda machine, hitting the Pepsi button 15 times in two seconds, swearing like a sailor, and then scrambling around the back office trying to find a pen and post-it note to scribble out the angry message that he was formulating in his head.

Typically when these moments happen, Ethan appears wielding his common sense, and reigns Lou in. But, I guess Ethan was busy fantasizing about Nashville's Connie Britton. Congratulations Joey! I hope Lou's soda was delicious.

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