Last week, a story appeared in the News Times about a proposed Disc Golf course in Danbury, CT. I jumped all over it, and found an easy target to make fun of. In the process, I annoyed a lot of people who were desperately trying to do something nice for Danbury.

After corresponding with one of them, a man named Jack Bradley, I thought the right thing to do was have them join us on the Ethan and Lou Show to talk about the project from their perspective. Jack came in and brought Matt Serfass with him. Matt is the one who initiated this thing some four years ago now.

This is segment #1:

This is segment #2:

There are plenty of places I can put my "jokes." This project was the wrong thing to make fun of. It's just some nice people trying to do a nice thing for Danbury, and I can always get behind that. They have worked too hard for me to come in at the last minute and crap all over it.

Best of luck to Matt and Jack. They were thoughtful and respectful guests.

P.S. Still "Frolf" to me. 

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