It's called Frisbee golf, disc golf, or "Frolf." It's played with a Frisbee and has elements of golf in the game. There are teams, goals, etc.  It's a "niche" game for sure.  It's also nothing new, the game has been around for many years, and just keeps hanging in there.

There is a group interested in bringing the game and a course to Danbury, but the plan has hit some snags within the City Council. Matt Serfass and some volunteers proposed putting a Frisbee golf course on the Farrington Woods property in Danbury. According to a News Times article, the proposal has been hanging in the balance for several years.

At a recent city council meeting, council member Duane Perkins was reportedly critical of his fellow council members in relation to the project. He said a "lack of leadership" is why the project has gone nowhere. Perkins continued, saying “With all due respect, we’ve been talking about this outdoor recreation for several years now, and we’re no closer now than we were when we first had that conversation.”

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and other council members snapped back at the critique and gave Perkins a scolding for bringing it up at the end of a city council meeting. Boughton contends the stall has nothing to do with the council not doing their part but rather concerns over the environmental impact of the necessary construction for the project to be completed.

Boughton's resistance seems to have more to do with the environment. He had this to say on the matter: “It’s not a lack of leadership, it’s just due diligence,” he added. “If you can guarantee me nothing permanent will be put in these facilities and no trees will be cut down, that’s a different conversation.”

The other council members insist they are not saying no but instead saying the group proposing the project has some work to do. Specifically, they have been asked to get an insurance certificate. This certificate, according to the report, would cover any construction liability.

I don't have a dog in this fight. Put a "Frolf" course, don't put a "Frolf" course, I don't care. One positive thing would be people getting outside, in nature and getting exercise. That's never bad. As for the environmental impact, and the paperwork needed to get somewhere with this, I don't know anything about any of that, but here is what I can tell you, this is what I know:

Years ago, this was "a thing" for my buddies for like six months. They told me about it, asked me to come, and I resisted. Eventually, I figured I would check it out. I went, it was extremely boring, and I quit. I spent the rest of that day talking to some of our lady friends and drinking beer. That is called, "making the best of it."

The game is simply not good enough to hold anyone's attention for very long, and this includes the players themselves. My friends gave up on it after about six months, and I think they dragged in on longer than they would have normally, just to prove to me it was awesome. It is not awesome.

Because I know the Mayor, let me tell you what I think he wants to say but won't. This is a waste of everyone's time, and is not popular enough to make money, or last. He won't say that, and he did not say that, but THIS is what he and the other council members are likely thinking.

I've seen the game come in and out of popularity over the years, I've seen the kind of person that plays it for longer than six months, and from that, I have developed a personality profile of the person interested in "Frolf." Here goes:

  • They are Neo-Hippies — The only thing worse than a hippy, a real hippy, are the new ones. The hippies were organized and passionate. The Neo-hippy is a "cause of the week" type. They wait for a reason to be offended, take their crusade to social media, exchange outrage, and then do nothing more.
  • They hate "real sports." — I love football, baseball, and basketball. They are not for everyone, though, and I can understand. Traditional sports are socially "behind the times." The locker room environment probably scares away people who are sensitive, or are maybe not very good at traditional sports. Maybe they tried these games, and were ridiculed for their play. I don't condone sports bullying, but it happens. I'm certain it's the main reason we end up with games like "Frolf" and "Quidditch."
  • Millennials — They are the worst, so they are extremely attracted to bad ideas. They have an overwhelming need to be part of contrarian activities. They basically seek out and or invent things that are non-traditional.
  • They own canvas sneakers — They own them, and they will wear them to play "sports."
  • They wear glasses — Of course, nothing is wrong with wearing glasses when you need them. The "Frolf" player wears glasses when they have absolutely no medical need to do so.
  • They own a therapy turtle — When the terrible, terrible world has offended you, when it has crushed your very delicate sensibilities, you go to your cuddle buddy. It can't be a therapy dog, no that is too traditional, too normal, and makes too much sense. You need a turtle, maybe a pigeon, or, dare I say, a sugar glider.
  • They wear, eat and think "sustainable" — They really just do this because they are impressed with the word, and like saying it. No one likes wearing socks made of recycled airplane parts, but they do it.
  • The "Frolf" player watches New Girl - Such a dumb show
  • They know a guy who is awesome at "Devil Sticks" - What happened to these?

I remember seeing these guys outside that weird store in the mall doing all the tricks. I wonder where he is now? Oh wait, I know, he plays "Frolf" on a regular basis.

That's it on the news and insults, I gave you all I had to give today.

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