You guys already know how passionate I am about the music we play here on i95 ROCK and that's why I'm really excited to introduce you to my friends over at Uncle Mikey's World. They're an ambitious new brand whose mission is to pass classic rock onto the next generation.

Uncle Mikey's World just released their first children's book, Putting the Band Together, which is an immersive story with tons of really clever classic rock references. I was absolutely thrilled with myself when there were certain references that I got and really upset when I couldn't figure out the others. (I'm sure my co-host Ethan Carey would nail all of them perfectly.)

I read it with my daughter who doesn't have much of an attention span, and, to my surprise, she was captured by it! It was so cool seeing her read a story with references to the Beatles, Grateful Dead, and all the bands I grew up listening to myself. Putting the Band Together is an amazing, family-oriented experience that every classic rock fan with kids or grandkids needs to have and I think this book is one that me and my daughter are going to be revisiting a lot together.

If my kids loved it, I know yours will too, so discover Uncle Mikey's World today at and help introduce a new generation to the music you know and love. Not only do they have a brand new children's book, but also coloring books with a similar kids-oriented classic rock theme, rock 'n roll t-shirts, kids apparel, and so much more.

Click the button below to buy your copy of Putting the Band Together directly from Amazon.