The CT Wing Fest is happening Saturday January 28 at the Matrix in Danbury. As a build up to the event, we invite the wingmasters into the radio station the week of to chat with the morning shows. This is known as Wing Week, the most wonderful time of the year.

One particular wingmaster, Joe from the Tiger's Den in Ridgefield, has a vendetta against me. For the past three years, he's tried to murder my face with the hottest wings. This year, Joe brought in a sauce that looked like fresh blood. Deep red, with a swirl of very dark liquid.

I chowed down a fully-dipped wing live this morning on the Ethan and Lou show. My God. I was crying in seconds, my whole fach went numb at first, then a painful buzzing took over across my entire pie hole.

Shortly after I could see again, Tim "Afternoon God" Sheehan, Trevor "Big Country" Frisbie, and Shannon "Sales Warrior" K. tried this brutal sauce, watch this--

I laughed so hard at Trevor's pain, because I was still right there with him. Tiger's Den Joe, you have conquered the I95 airstaff. We bow to you sir.

Trevor is typically bulletproof, and the defending wing-eating champion. Watch him show you how to properly destroy a chicken wing which was way less covered in death

The CT Wing Fest is happening Saturday January 28. Two sessions, 1-4PM, and 6-9PM. Tickets are going to be available at the door. If you need more info go to

I'll see you there, I'll be the guy screaming on the throne in the Matrix's bathroom. Can't wait for today's wing to make a return appearance.


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