The end of an era for parents and children alike with this final announcement from Toys R Us.

I just bought baby shower gifts, as well as a gift card for a friend at both Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Not that I think she needs to race in to make good on the gift card immediately, but it does sadden me that the end of an era is coming to a close. Honestly, my friend registered online for a bunch of items, but I'm a last minute person, so I ran out quickly to both stores to buy the gifts. Frankly, I don't want to use online shopping for everything, but I fear we are moving closer to that every day, and I think the ramifications of that are incredibly bad.

Toys R Us is closing or selling all of its stores. In a report from this could be the beginning of the end for the toy retailer. It isn't known when the three remaining Connecticut locations will go out of business, but unless the company manages to work the plan they are shopping that might possibly save 200 of their stores from going out of business, all 800 of their locations will be permanently shuttered.

When you think of the thousands of employees, plus the incredibly large retail space that each location occupies, the resulted loss is staggering. To get a grasp of that you can hover over a map of all of the locations around the country at

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