The next time you're complaining about the latest Nor'easter, do what Sean O’Hara of Lake Carmel did. He used the snow to create an incredibly artistic outlet for his frustration.

If you live in the Lake Carmel area, there's a good chance you may have seen Sean's artwork recently. Like many of us, Sean was fed up with one Nor'easter after the other, the power outages, and all the other "fun" stuff that comes with snow in March. Sean could have easily lost control of his emotions like a lot of us, but he turned to the snow as therapy. He told us recently how this snow art came about:

During the first storm on Friday I had lost power and didn’t get it back until Tuesday. Just in time to receive another two feet of snow here in Lake Carmel.

By Thurs, I was done, needed a break and an outlet, and set outside with a shovel, spade, and a rough idea of what I was doing (first time for everything). 3.5 to 4 hours later, there she sat — highlighted with food coloring.

Check out Sean's Snow Sculpture from where it started as a cold lump of snow, to a majestic mermaid:

As you can see from the gallery, Sean may have just discovered a new profession — transforming nasty storms into works of art. Only trouble is if he wants to do it year round, he'll have to move to a colder, snowier climate. I don't know if Sean's down with that. At least not yet.

Keep up the creative work, Sean, and by the way, from what we're hearing, there's a few more storms heading your way.

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