Today, we will see a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. We will see an accumulation of 1-3 inches. We will also see less people in "the office." Your office may be inside, it may be outside, but if you are not there today, you are non essential.

This weather is not just revealing about who is considered "essential" and "non essential." It also is exhibit 1,435,671 in the case of the state against the angry man. Angry man being me. This reveals that I am jealous of anyone who gets an "adult snow day."

I am green with envy. Snow days are the best. Here are the best things about snow days:

  • Pajamas - Keep em on, no one is going anywhere
  • Soup - For me soup is not enough to call a meal, I consider it a beverage but it's a mandatory beverage for a snow day.
  • Price is Right - When you were a kid staying home for either a "sick day" or a "snow day" you get down with the Price is Right and play some "Plinko."
  • Giving up - Staying home for bad weather is a great excuse to ditch your diet or exercise routine. It's also a great excuse to drink a bottle of wine at 2pm.

So if you are home today pop some bottles, throw the PJ's on and catch the Price is Right.

P.S. Here are some likely responses to this video - 

  • Oh, so we don't need teachers? Great, everyone can grow up to be uninformed morons like you two.
  • Look at tough guy wearing a t-shirt in the snow. Pippa's will be where he works when that he finally gets fired.
  • Doesn't Ethan know the Titans are no longer around?
  • I know where they can stick that plug.

Author Lou Milano - Time period - Before you said them.

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