Every one of us has been affected in some way by the pandemic. One thing that we all have learned is how vital, and fragile, the food supply chain is. So many people are going without basic foods every day. Recently in my hometown of Waterbury, a glimmer of hope has shown up in the food desert of the city's South End. Located at the corner of East Liberty and Mill Streets, the Brass City Harvest Regional Food Hub is now operational, and accepting orders. I took the above photo of the bright red new building today, and you can see below, in a Google Street View pic from last Summer, quite a lot of construction has happened over the Winter and Spring, leading up to the recent opening.


With the big box grocery stores dominating Connecticut's landscape, Brass City Harvest is directly helping out local farmers and food producers by providing a marketplace where there was once nothing, as you can see from the photo above. I took a spin through the online order form, which you can see by clicking HEREI recognized a couple of familiar names right off the bat, Tony & Sons Seafood from Oakville are selling half-pound cuts of Tuna, Swordfish and Salmon for around $9 a pound. You could order Avery's Soda from New Britain, Native Tomatoes from March Farm in Bethlehem, Lamothes Maple Syrup and Fresh Honey, La Molisana Sweet Sausage Patties, a huge variety of local produce, fruits and more.

While I was out scouting the location, I took a great pic of the Holy Land Cross for you too, enjoy

Photo by Large Dave


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