Social media can be an exhausting and confrontational place, but it's not all bad. Men and women across the state have been paying it forward and spreading camaraderie with surprise drops of beer and wine baskets for each other thanks to two Facebook groups.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine page for Connecticut and Western Massachusetts has about 68,000 members, and the newer CT Beer Bro's group is at around 5,000. The two pages are for men only (beer) and women only (wine.) In each case, the rules are pretty much the same: you find your town or area in the Facebook group, post your address, and grab a basket of beer or wine and snacks for someone else in the area.

The rules state that you shouldn't really ask to be "beer'ed" and that it is more about the giving than receiving. (I'm using "beer'ed" for both the act of "beer-ing" and "wine-ing" for brevity's sake, and being a guy, I can only see the posts on the Beer Bro's page.) Once you've been "beer-ed" you put a beer emoji next to your address in the original comment so that others in the group know you've had a drop.

The participants certainly seem to enjoy the giving. The Beer Bro's page is full of comments like "Any Litchfield County folks who like IPA's leave an address. Thinking of doing a beer'd run soon." Some of the bro's even dress up as superheroes when doing the beer drops. In either case, part of the aim is not to be caught making your beer or wine drop so that it stays anonymous. However quite a few videos have been posted by people that got "beer'ed" with the dropper being caught on a Nest camera.

beer bro on Camera
Beer Bros CT Via Facebook

If you're feeling like it's time to step away from Facebook for awhile due to the constant arguing, these groups may restore your faith a little. And you may find that you really enjoy bring the beer or wine fairy.

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